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Our younger son is oFISHally starting kindergarten and to celebrate, I thought I’d share another freebie with you!  We recently threw together a swim party/play-date for him celebrating the end of summer and letting him meet a few new friends before their first oFISHal day of school!  The boys had a great time splashing around and enjoyed snow-cones, chips, fruit, and water bottles.  Each kinder-ready guy received a bucket with a set of Go Fish cards I designed, an oFISHal Back to School Kit Printable, and some goldfish crackers.  You can follow the link to download the freebie which includes a gift-tag for a treat for your teacher, a snack-bag topper, water bottle label, lunch-box note, and a bookmark.  Go grab your printable, but then hurry back!  There’s another one at the bottom of this post!

Here’s our little impromptu-party.  Low-key and fun!

oFISHALLY in Kinder

We also snapped each boy’s picture with this fun sign I created.

Let’s celebrate our kiddos’ first days of school together!  Download the oFISHal First Day of School, oFISHally in Preschool, oFISHally in PreK, or oFISHally in Kinder printable and snap a picture of your child with  sign on his/her first day of school.  Then like us on Facebook, and post your oFISHal Back to School Photo on our wall!  Can’t wait to see all the cuteness you have to share!


I know that I have been MIA for some time (and quite honestly will continue to be for the most part!!)  To catch my new subscribers up, I am a stay-at-home mom to two VERY active boys and over the past year and a half our family has begun the process of fostering to adopt.  It has been an amazing experience, and we are blessed, blessed, blessed!  About 9 months ago we received the joy of caring for a precious baby girl in our home.  Every day we get to spend with her is the sweetest gift!


Today we’re celebrating her FIRST birthday and I thought I’d share a little present with you!  This past weekend was my husband’s annual family reunion and I thought it was the perfect place to share her milestone with {most of} those whom we love most.  We kept things sweet and simple with some cupcakes and pink lemonade at our family’s potluck dinner.  Don’t get me wrong, I love an all-out birthday bash, but sometimes less really is more…  😉


The patterns for these papers were inspired by the cutest bib ever that my mom purchased from a local boutique.  The designer was Room Seven and when I went to their website, I fell IN LOVE!  Inspiration struck!

To create the pinwheels, download my Vintage Garden Pinwheel PDF.  Print front and back on medium weight 8.5×11″ bright white paper.


Other supplies you will need are scissors, adhesive, small scrapbooking brads, and toothpicks.

1.  Cut out the squares between the patterns.

2.  Cut from the corner of each square diagonally inward, stopping mid-way to the center (follow the dashed line).

3.  Apply a small amount of the adhesive to the middle of the square.

4.  Fold every other corner up to the center, applying more adhesive when necessary.

5.  Poke a decorative brad through the center of your pinwheel and attach to a toothpick using glue or a small strip of tape.  These  pinwheels DO NOT spin, but are for display purposes only.  😉

Hope you enjoy!  Make every day a reason to celebrate!

Last night, we took my oldest son to Meet the Teacher.  Summer flew by, and we are feeling a bit nostalgic about how quickly our not-so-little boy is growing!  This year, he not only moves up a grade-level, but on to a whole other wing on his campus!  It’s a weird feeling to see less of my baby and more of the young-man he will become in that face that looks back at me.

Our guy experienced a little anxiety about his new classroom when he realized that he’d be without a few of his close buddies for the first time this year.  Meanwhile, we know he’ll make new friendships in his class and he can still see his old pals throughout other parts of the day.  It’s a tough lesson for our boy, but we are very excited to see what the year has in store for him!  He’s slowly getting a little more comfortable with the idea of spreading his wings after some TLC from his family.. I think by Monday he’ll be truly excited to head back to school!

Fortunately, we are part of a great district, with an amazing staff and full of wonderful families. Still, even under the best circumstances many kids experience Back to School Blues for one reason or another.  So I decided to add a few extra items to my freebie in hopes of blessing my special guy with a few Mom-ents on his first day back.  Earlier this week, I created bright note paper to jot down some I Love You’s for packing in his lunchbox throughout the week.  Today I also designed a few bookmarks for his school box as we finish rounding up those last-minute additions to the supply list!  After that, my son and I had fun creating a mini-joke book for his backpack.   Nothing gets things going well like a little laugh, right?!

Download my School is a Hoot collection free today!  Prayers for a smooth start for our family and your’s as we begin another academic year!

For the Mini-Book, simply follow these directions:

1.  Cut off excess paper, leaving the 8 pages of the book as one large rectangle.

2.  Fold the Mini-Book vertically down the middle. (hot-dog style)

3.  Open the book and fold horizontally down the middle. (hamburger style)

4.  Cut one line between the title page and the page above it. Stop when you get to the line between the two outer rectangles.  As you open your paper, the slit should only be between the four middle sections.

5.  Fold on the extra page divisions and then open the paper back up; re-fold along the original vertical crease.

6.  Take opposite ends of the book and squish them together creating a diamond shape in the center.

7.  Continue pushing the ends together to form the book.   Crease along the edges you’re ready for some cheesy back-to-school fun!

UPDATE!!  For those that wish to avoid the Scribd subscription fee, you can now download my freebie from 4Shared.  Thank you for the continued love and positive feedback on these designs!  🙂

I am blessed to be married to a true SUPER DAD.  He’s very involved in the lives of our two sons and constantly puts the needs of everyone else before himself.  I can’t begin to describe how great he really is; if our boys develop half their father’s faithfulness, compassion, and integrity, they’ll be fine men someday.  The kids love super heroes, but none can compare to their wonferful dad.  So I designed a shirt for our everyday hero and am sharing the file (and a few other treats!) for your personal use!

Celebrate your Super Dad this Father’s Day with some FREE printables from Delightful Designs!!  Click HERE and follow the link to download the following projects so you can treat your guy like the hero we know he is!

These are for personal use.  Please do not redistribute or sell my images.

Directions for the Banner:  Print the pages on cardstock and cut each circle out.  Punch holes about 1/2 inch from the top edges on the left and right sides of your cut-outs.  String the letters together to create your banner.  Hang them in one long banner or create two smaller banners to display one above the other.  (Hint:  Sometimes the shorter version is better for pictures!)

There’s also a Super Dad logo you can print onto iron-on paper and create a custom T-shirt.  I provided both a regular and flipped version of the image so you can be sure to meet your product’s requirements for best transfer.

The last file is a small bi-fold card.  Print, cut out, and fold horizontally.  The inside is blank so you or your children can create a personalized message to tell Dad what a SUPER guy he is!!

Hope you enjoy!  Feel free to share any comments or images of how you used this freebie!

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