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Viridian Design Studio is offering beautiful packages for Valentine’s Day (a week from Monday!)  If you read my other post <<freebie alert!>> you’ll remember that I designed two collections for you to choose from for your special someone.  I featured the LOVE YOU (a Bushel & a Peck) gift boxes in my Valentine’s Day Collaboration. This week, I’ve got more lovely pictures (thank you Sally Davidson Photography!) show-casing the coordinating suite, Everything’s Coming up Roses:

I used the same color palette (while also adding a little PINK! to this collection) and the same fonts for both sets.  This creates continuity within the two suites.  But where LOVE YOU.. had a modern print paired with whimsical artwork, Coming Up Roses sticks to more traditional, romantic elements:  vintage swirls, pinstripes, and bracket frames all come together for a collection that will make anyone swoon!  French couture-inspired, these gift boxes are elegant (and affordable) Valentines!  And of course, who could resist Viridian’s darling arrangements or Jen the Cookie Chick’s yummy treats?  Contact Viridian Design Studio:  830.257.2067 or via email at to place your order!


Two of my friends are expecting babies this month, and I recently got to help host showers for each of them!  We used the same venue for both moms, and I love how we were able to make each event delightfully unique through our decorations and printables!

First was a shower for our little MVP! I designed the invite, a banner, stickers, napkin rings, and party favor boxes for this fun theme… The color scheme coordinated with his nursery and Daddy was a football player–so that made it easy to come up with a design!  We wanted to make it “all boy” and still keep an elegant touch for Mom at the same time.. So we did things like use a glass punch bowl next to a sporty water jug to create that juxtaposition of asthetic.  I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out!

Here is my Party Preview:

And the Party Premier:

And just a few more details–some bows for Mommy’s chair and a ball-cage for the gifts:

THEN, a couple of weeks later, we hosted this owl-themed shower for our much-anticipated baby girl!  I had a HOOT (sorry!  had to say it!) creating the save the date, invitation, toppers, notecards, hostess gift tags, and thank you cards.

Here’s a glimpse of the party:

Thanks to Viridian Design Studio for their help in pulling off the perfect cupcake tower!  And I can’t tell you how much fun I had with a sweet friend creating the table centerpieces.  But, one of my favorite elements was an idea from one of the other hostesses, a message board for friends to leave notes for this little blessing!!

What a joy to be a part of each of these special events!

One of my son’s best buddies celebrated his fourth birthday last month and I’m FINALLY getting the pictures off my camera!!

His mom wanted a Rock n Roll birthday so I created an invite and stickers in a color scheme she came up with, which I LOVE.  She loved an invitation from the Celebration Shoppe, but she wanted to incorporate more black into the party. It’s so fun to collaborate with my clients and see our ideas come together to make a great collection! Here’s some photos of the adorable party!

My boy LOVES parties (just like his momma!!) and gets almost as excited about the cake and singing as the child we’re celebrating does! When Ty blew out the candles, my son cheered and rushed over to hug him! It was so much fun!

Speaking of birthdays, I’m working on a couple of C-U-T-E packages right now: Cool in the Pool and Princess Lulu!

My site is up and running!  Whew!  What a relief to see everything finally come together!

Come visit me at!

Eventually, I hope to make things where you can order items online; for now, you can view my portfolio (and send your friends to check it out as well!) If you see an idea you like, you can contact me through the site and I’ll be happy to start creating exactly what you’ve been looking for!

I divided my collections into 4 categories. Celebrating Life contains various birthday party invitations I have designed throughout the past few years.  Creating Memories displays my cards for announcing all of life’s other highlights: showers, births announcements, religious milestones, graduations, weddings, anniversaries.  You name the occasion, and I will make an announcement to help you celebrate!  Next, you can find my holiday photo-cards and templates in Sharing the Joy.  And soon, I will open the gallery Making Connections with vector-based artwork I have drawn in Adobe Illustrator specifically for logos, signs, and website icons.  Vector graphics can be resized by any scale without distortion, creating crisp, clean art with vivid noise-free colors; these images are perfect for helping you market your organization or special event in an eye-catching and memorable manner.

I hope that this website inspires you to celebrate the blessings in your life in a style that is all your own.  I love interacting with others through the design process and am soooo blessed by the number of clients that have already contacted me through referrals.  As I eagerly expand my little project, I want to give you a freebie to show my appreciation for all your love and support while I continue to grow as a graphic artist.  Click here to find the 4shared link and download this fun cardvelope (It’s a card and an envelope all in one!!  Umm, how cool is that??)   Seriously, in the day and age of emails and text messages, isn’t it great to receive a hand-written note from a loved one?  Just save and print this PDF, then jot down a quick thought and make someone smile today!

And how about this new pattern?  Daisies and snap-dragons are my favorites, but there’s something about the fullness of zinnias that just make me smile.  This shape was time-consuming to create, but sooo worth it; wish I could turn the print into a fabric!  I love spring-time!  There are flowers everywhere, it’s sunny but not-too-hot yet; time for flip-flops, whirly skirts, bold patterns, and pops of color!

* “thank you” on preview only.  Actual template is just the template and pattern so you can use as you desire!

I am working on adding more birth announcements to my new website, and so I asked friends if they had images they wanted me to design templates around. Well, how adorable is this little darling?? Her mom could not pick a favorite photo, and neither could I! So I just created cards for each beautiful portrait she sent me! I honestly cannot tell you which combination I love most. All I can say is, this sweet baby girl must get her squishy cheeks kissed every minute of every day!

And don’t forget!  It’s only $10 to use an existing design, or $15 to make moderate changes in colors/artwork. You don’t have to exhaust your budget to create a card that is uniquely you!

This little fellow has plenty who love him! A sweet friend to the now-mommy-of-five made her children these adorable shirts. Mom fell in love and asked for a birth announcement that coordinated with the personalized attire. What a gift this little addition is, and what a joy to be asked to be a part of welcoming him into our world!

This has probably been one of my favorite jobs to be recruited to design.. I know! I must say that all the time! But how fun is this idea??

Some mommy-friends hired me to illustrate a class book for their preschoolers that will be auctioned off as a fundraiser!  This is a sneak-peek at the cover.  I also designed monkey masks for the students to decorate.  The moms will take photos of their masked-toddlers and add them to some coordinating page templates I created.  All together, I think we’ve come up with a stinkin’ cute keepsake that will make their children giggle for years to come!

I love being a part of our area Junior Service Guild. I am blessed by my friendships with the ladies involved and I enjoy being a part of a group that impacts our community with humble acts of kindness.

We fundraise money each year, and part of our proceeds go to finance a scholarship to local graduating senior girls who volunteer within the area. It was an honor to be asked to design a look for this scholarship. I wanted to create something as funky and fresh as the beautiful women of our organization, but also something clean-lined and eye-catching for possible applicants. I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out!

If you’re thinking Hannah Montana from that title, you’re not far off!! As the mom of two boys, I don’t often get to make girly things… But this invitation was a first for me, not just because it involved my take on the Disney icon, but for an even more unique reason…

One of my friends contacted me about designing a combination invitation to celebrate her son and daughter’s birthdays. He wanted green camo. She wanted pink, and electric guitars, and Hannah Montana.  Let’s not ever say I’m not up for a challenge!!

Don’t want to pay the expense of printing cards in sets? You don’t have to skimp on design to be affordable! Use some of the following single-sided templates to have a custom, elegant look that is different from the major printing companies, but with the same convenience of a single-sided photo print.  Get the exact number you want, when you want!

Each template is $10. Both .jpeg and .psd formats available.

Here’s some happy customers:

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