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This poor blog! It barely has a heartbeat! I have been really busy this month–not with Christmas cards, but designing birthday parties!  Crazy, huh?  It’s a blessing to get to work on these fun projects!  Still, I feel awful about not keeping the blog up to date!  There’s so many new designs, party photos, and shower storyboards I have to share with you!  Hopefully I can get a chance to update the site and revive this little blog soon!

Meanwhile, I’ve squeezed in a few holiday designs here and there (per request) but I never had the chance to create a 2010 line of Christmas cards. (Note to self: design for 2011 in the summer!!) Still, several ADORABLE families have ordered existing templates for their cards, and those were super fun to throw together!  Can’t wait to post proofs!  Maybe next week??  LOL!

After the craziness of the last week of school for my boys calms down, I am going to start work on a big project with Nathan Russell Photography!  But first, I have created a little something for YOU!

I’m up late tonight throwing together a SANTA Bingo game for my son’s class party on Friday. I kinda love the way it’s coming together.  So I used the theme to throw together a Letter to Santa printable for you and your kiddo!  Download it here.  Then print the cardvelope front and back on a sheet of paper, fill it out, stamp it, and stick it in the mail.  This is the “official” address where letters to Santa are shipped!

Merry Christmas! Hope you enjoy!  🙂


My site is up and running!  Whew!  What a relief to see everything finally come together!

Come visit me at!

Eventually, I hope to make things where you can order items online; for now, you can view my portfolio (and send your friends to check it out as well!) If you see an idea you like, you can contact me through the site and I’ll be happy to start creating exactly what you’ve been looking for!

I divided my collections into 4 categories. Celebrating Life contains various birthday party invitations I have designed throughout the past few years.  Creating Memories displays my cards for announcing all of life’s other highlights: showers, births announcements, religious milestones, graduations, weddings, anniversaries.  You name the occasion, and I will make an announcement to help you celebrate!  Next, you can find my holiday photo-cards and templates in Sharing the Joy.  And soon, I will open the gallery Making Connections with vector-based artwork I have drawn in Adobe Illustrator specifically for logos, signs, and website icons.  Vector graphics can be resized by any scale without distortion, creating crisp, clean art with vivid noise-free colors; these images are perfect for helping you market your organization or special event in an eye-catching and memorable manner.

I hope that this website inspires you to celebrate the blessings in your life in a style that is all your own.  I love interacting with others through the design process and am soooo blessed by the number of clients that have already contacted me through referrals.  As I eagerly expand my little project, I want to give you a freebie to show my appreciation for all your love and support while I continue to grow as a graphic artist.  Click here to find the 4shared link and download this fun cardvelope (It’s a card and an envelope all in one!!  Umm, how cool is that??)   Seriously, in the day and age of emails and text messages, isn’t it great to receive a hand-written note from a loved one?  Just save and print this PDF, then jot down a quick thought and make someone smile today!

And how about this new pattern?  Daisies and snap-dragons are my favorites, but there’s something about the fullness of zinnias that just make me smile.  This shape was time-consuming to create, but sooo worth it; wish I could turn the print into a fabric!  I love spring-time!  There are flowers everywhere, it’s sunny but not-too-hot yet; time for flip-flops, whirly skirts, bold patterns, and pops of color!

* “thank you” on preview only.  Actual template is just the template and pattern so you can use as you desire!

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