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This weekend we celebrated a milestone with our oldest son–double digits!  Both our boys are huge fans of the Reality TV/Comedy Duck Dynasty, and E and his buddies love paintball almost as much!  So what better way to make our boy “happy, happy, happy” than to have a DD Paintball birthday party!


I designed his invitation with a close reference to the duck camo background in some of the show’s promotional photos.  I then created an illustration similar to the headshots of the Robertson crew used on their ad campaign.  As Ethan is now “10-and-oh-so-wise-now” he has LOTS of suggestions on how to make my projects better <little bit of sarcasm??> However, in all honesty, he’s a very creative kid and his idea of adding a birthday party hat to Uncle Si was awesome!


My very talented friend and the owner of Sweet Treats at Saladas Bakery, Tori did and AMAZING job on the cake!  I provided her a copy of the invitation and she had free reign to come up with whatever design she felt inspired to create!  I led E to believe that we were passing on a cake this year since the party was a bit bigger than usual, and my sweet boy thought snack food was the perfect compromise.  The best part of the day was when we swung by the bakery to pick up his surprise and how blown away he was by the cake.  It truly was a special moment for a very special birthday!


Other printables I created for the party were a birthday sign for the cake table, waterbottle lables, and tags for the s’more party favors.  The boys loved the set up and were especially excited about the Duck Commander “FAITH – FAMILY – DUCKS” bracelets each guest got to take home.  We are so blessed that both our sons are a part of a great group of boys; a fun time was had by all!


I love graphic design and the chance to help a client pull the perfect event or promotion together in a way that was better than they ever imagined.  But the greatest part about my job is when I get to use it to love on my family and return to them some of the great joy and blessings they bring to my life..


For those of you who may not know, last month I was blessed to become the new graphic artist at Herring Printing Company.  Lots of exciting things in store with this creative team, so look for more free printables and other fun promotionals in the near futire!!  It has been amazing to get to see what started as a hobby creating birthday party printables for my kids and cards for friends first grow into free-lance work for a teaching supply company; then I became a part of a talented online community that included getting featured on some amazing sites and opened the opportunity meet so many more wonderful people; and now I can’t believe I get to start another new and exciting adventure!  Every step along the way is even more of a blessing than the first, and I know that provision comes from above.  I am so thankful to get to go to a job where I love what I do;  I pray this same blessing for both of my sons someday.


One of my son’s best buddies celebrated his fourth birthday last month and I’m FINALLY getting the pictures off my camera!!

His mom wanted a Rock n Roll birthday so I created an invite and stickers in a color scheme she came up with, which I LOVE.  She loved an invitation from the Celebration Shoppe, but she wanted to incorporate more black into the party. It’s so fun to collaborate with my clients and see our ideas come together to make a great collection! Here’s some photos of the adorable party!

My boy LOVES parties (just like his momma!!) and gets almost as excited about the cake and singing as the child we’re celebrating does! When Ty blew out the candles, my son cheered and rushed over to hug him! It was so much fun!

Speaking of birthdays, I’m working on a couple of C-U-T-E packages right now: Cool in the Pool and Princess Lulu!

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