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Two of my friends are expecting babies this month, and I recently got to help host showers for each of them!  We used the same venue for both moms, and I love how we were able to make each event delightfully unique through our decorations and printables!

First was a shower for our little MVP! I designed the invite, a banner, stickers, napkin rings, and party favor boxes for this fun theme… The color scheme coordinated with his nursery and Daddy was a football player–so that made it easy to come up with a design!  We wanted to make it “all boy” and still keep an elegant touch for Mom at the same time.. So we did things like use a glass punch bowl next to a sporty water jug to create that juxtaposition of asthetic.  I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out!

Here is my Party Preview:

And the Party Premier:

And just a few more details–some bows for Mommy’s chair and a ball-cage for the gifts:

THEN, a couple of weeks later, we hosted this owl-themed shower for our much-anticipated baby girl!  I had a HOOT (sorry!  had to say it!) creating the save the date, invitation, toppers, notecards, hostess gift tags, and thank you cards.

Here’s a glimpse of the party:

Thanks to Viridian Design Studio for their help in pulling off the perfect cupcake tower!  And I can’t tell you how much fun I had with a sweet friend creating the table centerpieces.  But, one of my favorite elements was an idea from one of the other hostesses, a message board for friends to leave notes for this little blessing!!

What a joy to be a part of each of these special events!


One of our neighbors recently welcomed her third child into the world. She sent out an email with a cute picture of her sweet baby and his birthday stats. I asked if she made an announcment for his baby book, and the very busy mother-of-three said she hadn’t even thought of one! Not that I blame her–I think she might be a little preoccupied right now with a full house!  So, it didn’t take any arm-twisting for me to volunteer creating something for our neighborhood’s wonderful new blessing! Welcome, little one! There are a ton of people here loving and supporting you and your family!

These colors and animals were insipred by Zutano baby clothes.  I love how bright and cheery their outfits are for newborns!  Plus, they use the most comfortabe cotton!  As the mom of two boys, I think kids should look good and feel good all at the same time!

This little fellow has plenty who love him! A sweet friend to the now-mommy-of-five made her children these adorable shirts. Mom fell in love and asked for a birth announcement that coordinated with the personalized attire. What a gift this little addition is, and what a joy to be asked to be a part of welcoming him into our world!

I really appreciate someone who knows exactly what he/she is looking for.   Don’t worry about feeling bossy if you have detailed opinions about what you want—I won’t ever be offended by a straight-forward customer!  Recently I’ve had three clients who knew the design they wanted, and I think we were able to create each project according to their own needs with great success!  But guess what?  If you’re a little less certain when it comes to the creative process, don’t let that scare you away from trying to design a unique look for yourself.  I’ll work with you until we can get it right!

My first Design-on-Demand was for a bridesmaid who helped plan a Shower Invitation for a Winter Wedding later this month.  She wanted to use black, silver, and white; she asked for a clean a design with snowflakes in the background; and she desired something swirly on the front.  Easy enough!  This client actually met with me and we sketched out the look together.  The next day I had her images ready for her to print.  On a metallic paper, I think we came up with just the look she desired:

Next is a mommy-friend who wanted Personalized Cards for herself and for her daughter. She knew the pattern and color scheme she wanted, and a font style. The best part about choosing to make your customized stationary this way is that you have the digital file and can print more cards when ever needed.  You don’t have to worry about your design running out of stock or being discontinued!

Lastly, this group of hostesses had several Baby Shower Invitations they liked different parts of.  They sent me links to sites with things they liked and we were able to create a Design-on-Demand card that blended everything together perfectly.  The coordinating sticker was all me, though!  😉  Sometimes when I start one project, another instantly pops into my mind, and I don’t feel like I’m done until I complete both!  Who knows, your design might be the next one that inspires me to make a bonus freebie!

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