One of my son’s best buddies celebrated his fourth birthday last month and I’m FINALLY getting the pictures off my camera!!

His mom wanted a Rock n Roll birthday so I created an invite and stickers in a color scheme she came up with, which I LOVE.  She loved an invitation from the Celebration Shoppe, but she wanted to incorporate more black into the party. It’s so fun to collaborate with my clients and see our ideas come together to make a great collection! Here’s some photos of the adorable party!

My boy LOVES parties (just like his momma!!) and gets almost as excited about the cake and singing as the child we’re celebrating does! When Ty blew out the candles, my son cheered and rushed over to hug him! It was so much fun!

Speaking of birthdays, I’m working on a couple of C-U-T-E packages right now: Cool in the Pool and Princess Lulu!