Well, I finished a couple of HUGE projects for two REALLY great clients!  Logos are so important to new or an established business, and I’m blessed every time I get to be a part of this developing process.  The first proof sheet was created for a friend from college. She has a SUPER cute store full of all kinds of goodies for girls to stock up on while their significant other is pre-occupied with hunting. Her boutique is called The Hunter’s Widow and it was a ton of fun to thow together some designs that allowed for a whimsical feel:

Another friend is adding a new member to their CPA firm, and thought this was a perfect time to update their look a bit. We stayed with a color scheme their office already has in use but created a new, contemporary design with clean, crisp graphics and simple, modern fonts.  I love this design because I gave the client two versions of each proof–one that is flat and easily translates in print, but another that uses glass overlays and reflections, giving the logos a modern edge.  These files will look GREAT on websites that are professional in feel, with sharp and minimal designs:

I also recently completed a couple t-shirt designs.. One is for a client and another is for my KJSG Girls and I to wear at an event this summer!  Check them out!

Right now I’m working on ANOTHER logo for Creekview.  It’s for their adolescent department.  Love having repeat customers!  Such a wonderful compliment!  🙂