Wanted to give a HUGE thank you to Living Locurto and Tip Junkie for featuring my Super Dad download!  If you haven’t visited their sites yet, hurry on over!  It’s okay.  I won’t be upset—-you can go ahead and click on the links.  It’s fine; just promise to check back in when you’re done, alright??  🙂  Really though, Amy and Laurie are both VERY talented women full of helpful hints and fun, free downloads.  It’s sooooo easy to become more than a little addicted both blogs.

Can’t wait to see how your Father’s Day projects turned out!!  Over 800 views & downloads Saturday and Sunday and then another 200 Monday!  What fun!  If you have any photographs of your Super Dad project to share, please email them to merydwen@mydelightfuldesigns.com.  I’d love to see how you used my artwork!

Our Super Dad loved his Hero Pack we made for him by modifying some of Alpha Mom’s ideas to match my files.  Then my dear son used his birthday gift card (with a little help from Mommy) to buy his Dad a bike.  It was a wonderful moment for us all!  Hope your holiday was just as great!

I will be back tomorrow to post about a logo I recently designed AND to tell you about an offer for a free Thank You Card file and a gift certificate to Portraits by Jenn.  Coming soon are real party photos of some of my latest birthday collections! Thanks again to Amy and Laurie for sending so many wonderful visitors my way!! Hope you keep stopping by to see some Delightful Designs!!