I have told several friends that I am working on a .com site, and that process began a couple of months ago!  So, what’s the hold up??  Well, I really am so close to launching my website!  But it’s taking me F-O-R-E-V-E-R to upload my images, because as I go through archived designs, my mind starts firing off ideas for ways to improve  and I just have to tweak EVERY. LITTLE. DETAIL.  Perfectionist much?  LOL!  I want to make sure that I can take pride in my creations, and I want to always offer my customers my very best.  That is why I invest in new software, upgrade my technology, read books and TONS of online tutorials, practice new tricks-of-the-trade, blog-stalk talented professionals, font-hunt routinely, and try to continually grow in my craft.  It’s been a labor of love revamping old projects or, in some cases, completely redrawing artwork.  Here’s a sneak peek of what I mean!

I started making cards for family and friends about 5 years ago as a hobby.  Since then I have learned a ton about drawing in new programs and creating much cleaner, crisper creations.  Some of my older designs are still included in my portfolio, but watch out for more template make-overs!

Meanwhile, keep checking back in for the announcement of my site going live (should be within the next couple of days) AND a FREEBIE gift for you to download in celebration of the launch!