One of our neighbors recently welcomed her third child into the world. She sent out an email with a cute picture of her sweet baby and his birthday stats. I asked if she made an announcment for his baby book, and the very busy mother-of-three said she hadn’t even thought of one! Not that I blame her–I think she might be a little preoccupied right now with a full house!  So, it didn’t take any arm-twisting for me to volunteer creating something for our neighborhood’s wonderful new blessing! Welcome, little one! There are a ton of people here loving and supporting you and your family!

These colors and animals were insipred by Zutano baby clothes.  I love how bright and cheery their outfits are for newborns!  Plus, they use the most comfortabe cotton!  As the mom of two boys, I think kids should look good and feel good all at the same time!