I really appreciate someone who knows exactly what he/she is looking for.   Don’t worry about feeling bossy if you have detailed opinions about what you want—I won’t ever be offended by a straight-forward customer!  Recently I’ve had three clients who knew the design they wanted, and I think we were able to create each project according to their own needs with great success!  But guess what?  If you’re a little less certain when it comes to the creative process, don’t let that scare you away from trying to design a unique look for yourself.  I’ll work with you until we can get it right!

My first Design-on-Demand was for a bridesmaid who helped plan a Shower Invitation for a Winter Wedding later this month.  She wanted to use black, silver, and white; she asked for a clean a design with snowflakes in the background; and she desired something swirly on the front.  Easy enough!  This client actually met with me and we sketched out the look together.  The next day I had her images ready for her to print.  On a metallic paper, I think we came up with just the look she desired:

Next is a mommy-friend who wanted Personalized Cards for herself and for her daughter. She knew the pattern and color scheme she wanted, and a font style. The best part about choosing to make your customized stationary this way is that you have the digital file and can print more cards when ever needed.  You don’t have to worry about your design running out of stock or being discontinued!

Lastly, this group of hostesses had several Baby Shower Invitations they liked different parts of.  They sent me links to sites with things they liked and we were able to create a Design-on-Demand card that blended everything together perfectly.  The coordinating sticker was all me, though!  😉  Sometimes when I start one project, another instantly pops into my mind, and I don’t feel like I’m done until I complete both!  Who knows, your design might be the next one that inspires me to make a bonus freebie!