Remember a few posts ago when I said I have some very talented photographers for friends? One is Jennifer Lankford.  She’s great!  Check out her site!

I’m working on some designs for a Valentine’s Special Jenn will be running in the near future. When creating, inspiration can come from any where; this card I’ve actually wanted to make for a while.  The idea began when I was listening to the Sondre Lerche cover of Let My Love Open the Door. I originally heard it when we went to the movie Dan in Real Life. Very quickly afterwards, I bought the soundtrack and the song has been on my iPod’s Top Played list ever since! Every time I listen to it, I think of those beautiful Tiffany charms that are shaped like skeleton keys. One has a heart on top… So I started with drawing the charm first, and the rest followed:

The colors in the card and Jennifer’s picture went together perfectly, and we didn’t even plan it!  LOVE it when that happens!!  I’m working on a few more cards and we’ll post them when Jennifer and I can get together and add her photography talent to the creative process!  Make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to have a custom Valentine that will become a keepsake!  Here’s more information about Jennifer’s special: