I’m a member of a wonderful forum called clickinmoms.com. One of my favorite hobbies is photography. I have several friends in the business, and by the work they produce, I am no where near talented enough to call myself even an amateur photographer! Still, it’s something I enjoy doing. I love capturing the moments of my kids being themselves, because I know this time is fleeting.  While they’re camera-hams now, humoring me will soon get old, and the photos I have will become irreplaceable.

With that said, I designed a few cards as freebies for my “friends” on the site, and they’ve been downloaded literally hundreds of times. To have professionals appreciate my work on this level is the perfect Christmas gift for me this year. Everyone has been extremely encouraging and too, too kind… Look at this post that someone made:

And here is another beautiful use of the same layout:

I think there is no greater compliment than professionals choosing to use one of my designs as their personal template for their cards this year.  The other card that was requested was a black and white damask pattern on a trifold layout.  Here are two beautiful uses of my template from fellow Clickin’ Moms for their family cards:

I am blessed by a wonderful and supportive family, and I am humbled by gracious and kind friends.  To have the encouragement of this online community as well is truly a gift, and I just wanted to thank them for helping make this a very MERRY Christmas season for me!